Recycling Plant SE 14 from train by Olivia O’Sullivan

industrial landscape painting

Olivia O’Sullivan

Recycling Plant SE14 from train

I pass this recycling plant regularly on the train from London
Bridge. It appears dramatically on the skyline just before New Cross Gate Station. I’ve taken many photographs of it on my phones over the years. As with most of my paintings, I try most of all to convey a response through colour, line and shape.

The landscapes of south east London and elsewhere, and reflections on events past and present, form the main themes of my work.

I often focus on architectural and structural forms of the city around me, particularly industrial buildings, blocks of flats, streets and structures of all kinds – scenes of everyday life. Images from trains and buses change like a film, with shifting light at different times of day or season. Colour and light in unexpected contexts can provoke an intense personal response. I draw on images of current events from TV or newspapers or from what I read.

My paintings emerge through on- and off-site sketchbook drawings and paintings, still and moving digital images collected on my iPhone. Sketches use charcoal, ink, acrylic, watercolour or pastels.

I work mostly on paper – using mainly acrylic, gouache, ink, and charcoal. Within individual paintings or series I tend to use a narrow palette, drawing on a wide range of tools and techniques to develop textures and layers.

Text and image © Olivia Adamczyk O’Sullivan