Urban Dreams and future plans

Urban Dreams: opening night and private view

The opening night of our Urban Dreams exhibition in the beautiful space of The Gallery, was a great success, with large numbers of appreciative visitors. It was our first exhibition on a common theme, and participating artists used a variety of media, including photography, painting, collage and mixed media, to develop individual responses to the urban environment.

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Urban Dreams

Future Plans

We have two exhibitions planned for 2019.  The first will be at the R.K. Burt Gallery, Southwark, in the first two weeks in June, [now confirmed as 4-13 June – see latest news entry above] and the second at Lauderdale House, Highgate, in the last two weeks of July. [now confirmed as 13 August – 2 September] Watch this space for further news, or contact us if you would like to receive our exhibition newsletters.